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How it works

The Toy Library works like a book library, you borrow two items per child* for two weeks and return them within the stated time. Loans are FREE. However, items lost, damaged or not returned may have to be paid for.

Anyone living in Southampton who have responsibility for 0-14 year olds, including parents, carers, professionals, and groups can register to borrow toys, sports and play equipment. All the toys, sports and play equipment at the Toy Libraries reflect and promote positive images of the multicultural society in which we live.

Pre-Schools and nurseries are also supported through Toy Loaning Schemes. However, only children that are registered at these venues can access the Toy Loaning Schemes.

Bulk loans are available for all groups and childminders on long term loan. Please contact us for further details.

For details of your nearest venue, you can follow this link: Toy Library Venues or please call 02380 335362.

We also welcome donations of good quality & complete toys, puzzles & board games.


Some quotes from our Parents:

“The Toy Library is an invaluable service. As well as providing toys that some otherwise could not afford, it is an excellent way of reducing waste as you can give them back instead of having to dispose of them.”
“Without the Toy Library, my children would have led a much poorer life. They learnt to walk using the push-along walkers, and cycle using the tricycles. Their imagination has been enriched by all the role play and they have had many opportunities. Thank You!”

 *Usually two toys, but more at the discretion of the librarian.