Toddler Groups

Toddler Groups are for families with children under five years of age, they are held in a variety of community based venues across the city.

Check out your nearest Toddler Group by following this link: Toddler Groups in Southampton. The link takes you to the Southampton City Council Directory where you can find detailed information about Toddler Groups in your area including times, addresses and contact details.

For details of other groups please contact the Southampton Family Information Information Service on 0800 169 8833.

Please visit a few groups for variety, look for a safe and stimulating environment for children to develop in and opportunities to explore a variety of activities whilst encouraging play together. Most groups charge a small fee which covers rent, snacks, insurance and activity material costs etc.

Toddler Groups offer somewhere to meet new people and make friendships, socialise with people from other backgrounds and to have fun. They are ideally run by everyone for everyone but there should be a named person for contact who may lead on the group.

Each group should have policies and procedures including Welcome Information; make sure you ask about these when visiting groups. Parents and carers must be responsible for their own children whilst attending a group.

Toddler Groups

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