CPL Survey Spring 2015

Community Playlink carried out a survey using one key question as seen below. This enabled service users to focus on their response. The question was asked direct to parents/carers and children. We got a lot of verbal/written responses, but here you’ll find some of them.

Question: How do you feel your child/children benefit from using the Toy Library?


Pickles Coppice Toy Library:

“My son really loves coming to the library. There are lots of toys to borrow. He loves the cars and the animals.”

“As a childminder I’m always interested in new toys and sensory equipment. It helps with my Ofsted visits and the children benefit as I can change the toys often.”

“I find the service very useful as a way to keep up with my child’s learning abilities without spending a lot of money on toys.”

“The staff at the toy library take the time to get to know me, my son, and there always different toys every time.”

Maytree Nursery, St John’s Nursery, Startpoint Sholing, YMCA PreSchool and Nursery:

“My son always gets excited on toy day each week as he knows he can bring something new home to play with.”

“You can tell the children that are in the Toy Loaning Scheme from those that are not as they develop a lot quicker.”

“The toys are always clean and in excellent condition. My son has also learnt to value the toys as he knows to take care of them to return them the following week – a great lesson!”

“Great opportunity to try out new toys, my three children have had hours of fun!”

“Our aim is to encourage every child at nursery to join the scheme.”

Toddler Group: 

“It was a benefit to the children in our Toddler Group because as a small group we cannot buy the musical instruments. They love rhyme time, and the children use the items to make music while they sing.”

“The parents at Toddler Group always tell other parents about the Toy Library. Sometimes we go over to the Toy Library together after the group finishes, it’s somewhere else to go before going home.”

Northam Toy Library: 

“I cannot afford the toys. By loaning free toys the children are able to have more.”

“Fantastic opportunity to play with different toys (just wish we were able to come more often!).”

“All the toys we borrowed were loved by the children. Our event was a great success, so thank you.”

“Yes! It was a very good idea!!! My child loves choosing toys from the Toy Library! Thanks.”

Burgess Road Toy Library: 

“Good service, easy to use, helpful staff, it’s great to borrow toys and books all in the same place…”

“Very good service – all the staff are fantastic in the toy room and in the book library, all under one roof. Excellent.”

“My son age 4 says…’I love the Toy Library because they give me toys; the toy lady is so kind in helping me look for toys I like.'”

“It’s great to come on a Saturday as a single mum, it is somewhere to go.”

“I think the Toy Library is a very good idea as the children think it’s great to play with toys that aren’t their own. It also teaches them some respect for other people’s things.”